Safety Program

Safety Culture

Our contribution to project safety culture is to provide daily reinforcement and awareness of safety requirements and procedures to each member of the construction team. Making the team aware of their significance to the project, company and family is the best approach to eliminating incidents. Our skilled team members are our most valuable resource as a company.

A decorative ribbon that acknowledges the Independent Electrical Contractors safety contest award.

Safety Initiatives 

Post Incident Drug Screening

Lock-out/Tag-out Procedures

Accident/Incident Investigations

Vehicle/Driver Program

Safety Education Training

Daily Pre-Task Safety Plans

Weekly Toolbox Safety Meetings

Job Site Safety Inspections

Job Site Hazard Analysis

JMEG is committed to providing a safe workplace while delivering the highest quality product to our customers. 

IEC-CNA Safety Award Winners

The IEC-CNA Safety Award recognizes electrical contracting companies that excel in establishing and maintaining safety programs that result in incident rates that are significantly below the average OSHA recordable incident rate. The judges look for commitment to safety from management, employee involvement, active participation, and controls over major exposure to loss. Only two finalists are selected from each of the 5 categories based on company size.

Award Winners 2015-2016

Award Winners 2016-2017

Award Winners 2017-2018

2023 Safety Banner Award Winner: Eric Timm